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The dance team is touring in the cities of America. For rehearsals, the organizers of the project shoot an abandoned school building located in the backwater. The participants of the show begin to gradually move there. A group of dancers, consisting of several dozen people, will have to work out the numbers in a few weeks. A female choreographer supervising young talents understands that it will be difficult to rehearse, as the members of the collective have never worked together before. In addition, there are constant conflicts between the guys.

After several weeks of work, young talents in the film "Ecstasy" decide to celebrate their departure and organize a party. General fun has a beneficial effect on the relationship between young people. But, someone not far off decides to cheer colleagues even more and adds LSD to the common bowl with sangria. Having drunk a drink, the project participants begin to see different visions, their behavior makes the choreographer alert. After a time, hallucinations provoke a psychosis in some young people, and they are taken to kill with companions.

Climax (2018)
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Original title:

Climax online

Year: 2018
Country: France
Time:1h 35min
Director:Gaspar Noé
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