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"Do not agree to become a victim, fight to the last - and you will win an unconditional victory." The slogan of the thriller "Rafiki" unambiguously hints that the main characters are expected to face severe trials. In the center of events is a young couple. Brea and John met recently, but they already had real feelings. At the beginning of the story, John, who dreams of making a sweetheart a proposal of the hand and heart, plans their joint trip outside the city. He decides to go to his parents' house, located in a picturesque place, and persuades the girl to join him. On the way the heroes stop at the gas station, where they are attacked by a group of bikers. With the use of force, John manages to get rid of local scumbags. In a few hours the couple arrives at the mansion where John's friends are staying. Their dinner is broken by a phone call. And it's not someone's phone that rings, but a phone that's dropped. At that moment Brea remembers that in the toilet at the station she crossed with a girl who obviously needed help. While they decide whether to go to the police, the house is surrounded by the same bikers with whom John had a conflict. And they are very aggressive ...

Rafiki (2018)
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Original title:

Rafiki online

Year: 2018
Genres: Drama / New Movies
Time:1h 23min
Director:Wanuri Kahiu
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