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In the mountains hiding representatives of the world of crime, just hungry to get rich without working, but that's how to take it right away and become the owner of countless states in the form of gold and jewelry. But where to get these treasures? These criminals are looking for hidden wealth, using their methods and the information they have.

In the paradox (the name of the movie), they try to master certain forces not known to science, using the energy of the reflected light of the Moon, and applying this power, learn to fly. Not in the physical body, but in the soul.

But for this, as these criminal behavior and criminal thinking people think, they need to create music, inspired by the night light. The moon must be complete, this is the main and indispensable condition, and only then it will be possible to borrow its magic and magic effects. In general, these guys are not so simple and not tempted, and even vice versa. The case begins to take a serious turn.

Paradox (2018)
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Original title:

Paradox online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Musical / New Movies
Time:1h 13min
Director:Daryl Hannah
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