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Panos Kosmatos became the director of a new American painting in the genre of this thriller action movie. Do not pay attention to the entourage and the calm atmosphere that prevails in the district at first. Do not be deceived by the silence and peace that reigns in the family of the main characters. This is only the beginning of the terrible events that will give the ground for even greater emotional distress and a place bordering on the nightmare of the most horrific stories. So, we go to a small town, standing on the outskirts of a very mysterious and mysterious forest. This place is shrouded in the intricacies of legends, retellings, epics and gossip. Thick thicket conceals in itself something more than just trees, mosses and meadows. But the locals are accustomed to this thick foliage on the edge of the city, so they do not believe in anything and just live their lives. So the family comes, whose house is far from everyone. The husband and wife live in the soul, love and protect each other. He is a lumberjack by the name of Red, she is a beauty and a mastermind Mandy. Once the girl decides to walk through the woods and stumbles upon something unimaginably eerie and sinister. Unexpectedly, Mandy is confronted with the satanic cult of religious fanatics led by Jeremiah, a biker and an inveterate bad guy. By order of Jeremiah, Mandy is pumped up with drugs and burned at a ritual fire. Learning about what happened, Red, distraught with grief, decides at all costs to avenge such a brutal murder of his beloved wife ...

Mandy (2018)
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Original title:

Mandy online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Action / Thriller / New Movies
Time:2h 1min
Director:Panos Cosmatos
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