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Parents of a young Indian named Bharat have provided their offspring with a prestigious education. Fundamental skills guy gets in London, which is one of the capitals, where they give excellent knowledge. However, the idyll does not last long. The heir of the Prime Minister of Andhra Pradesh has to return to his historical homeland due to the premature death of his beloved father. Now the former student should occupy an important chair in the government. In the weaving of intrigues, the novice does not have specific skills, so it can easily become the prey of sophisticated competitors.

But gradually the official is mastering the principles of work in a corrupt society. He can understand why a country that could prosper, be in a state of deep crisis. A just gentleman starts to fight corruption, which causes disapproval of the closest associates. What can lead to reckless steps? What are the prospects for a citizen who sincerely believes that his people deserve a better future? Will he cope with numerous ill-wishers? Will negative trends in government rule? How will overseas views help in ensuring strategic changes?

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Bharat Ane Nenu (2018)
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Original title:

Bharat Ane Nenu online

Year: 2018
Country: India
Genres: Action / Drama / New Movies
Time:2h 53min
Director:Siva Koratala
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