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A brave Indian fighter is in cruel, very difficult circumstances, he will have to visit different states, where he will defend his own principles in bloody battles with opponents. The soldier has excellent physical training, unsurpassed melee skills. The rebellious, explosive nature creates a lot of undesirable troubles. He categorically refuses to obey unconditionally the instructions of others and conform to generally accepted norms of behavior that contradict existing convictions, defending personal priorities. In his teens, Ronnie was an absolutely uncontrolled, undisciplined youth, constantly violating existing attitudes and limitations. Tired of the disobedience of the disobedient son, parents decided to send him to the academy to re-educate, discipline him. You can watch online Rebel 2 movie 2018 in high quality for free without registering.

Strict orders established in a military educational institution could not radically affect the impudent and irascible nature of the cadet, not particularly changing his habits of rebellion. From it turns out an excellent, courageous military man, capable of withstanding incredible physical exertion. He successfully participates in some important operations, in particular, frees the captivating Siyu from the hostages of the criminal authority. The love story of young people continues, leading to the emergence of non-standard situations that significantly affect the fate of lovers. An aggressive, fearless, invincible warrior travels the world, moving from Indian territories to Chinese lands with an automatic weapon on his shoulders. He takes part in an armed conflict, the outcome of which is of historical significance for the two countries.

Baaghi 2 (2018)
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Original title:

Baaghi 2 online

Year: 2018
Country: India
Genres: Action / Thriller / New Movies
Time:2h 17min
Director:Ahmed Khan
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