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The focus is on a middle-aged woman named Laura. In her life, she was able to achieve much by becoming a successful lawyer. However, she could not enjoy her carefree life, for several years ago her sister Sara disappeared without a trace. It all happened at a time when the girl decided to go on a trip to the jungle of the Congo. It was there that her trail broke off forever. No one knows where the radiant girl Sarah could have gone. One day an unexpected picture appears, which was taken in a miner's small town on the outskirts of the Congo. It was Sarah who was in this blurry photo. At the same time, Laura had forgotten all the disagreements that had ever been between her and her sister. For many years, the woman tried to find Sarah, but all attempts were unsuccessful. Now there is at least some clue, which, perhaps, can help in the search for a girl.

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Sara's Notebook (2018)
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Original title:

El cuaderno de Sara online

Year: 2018
Country: Spain
Genres: Thriller / New Movies
Time:1h 55min
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