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Among the many human types there are copies that do not always cause approval of the surrounding citizens. Low growth breeds disgust among some mannered beauties. However, dwarfs are able to be erudite gentlemen, in a society where even the most seductive girls are happy to share time. The animal magnetism of a charming gentleman rarely has a connection with the number of centimeters of his figure. After all, cute facial features are distracted from shortcomings in the form of a squat physique. The guy loves being in the company of the sexiest representatives of the fragile sex. His gallant behavior allows you to attract the attention of any potential bride. However, the young man does not hesitate to bind himself in marriage.

For him, romantic affection - just an exciting game, which can diversify their rich leisure. The level of its popularity among girlfriends can be provided with the help of an ornate wardrobe, for which the dandy should not stint. Leather jackets emphasize the courageous advantages of a young man. However, the "hunt" for attractive individuals ends sooner or later, because the place of casual flirtation in the heart of the female dowager takes a real, strong feeling. It is this refined love that will save you from envy and cruelty, meanness and prejudice. Will the restless "womanizer" become an attentive odnolyubom? When will the negative aspects of physiological damage be felt? Ahead of the unusual personality is a mass of trials that will push him to the collapse of hopes, or to absolute happiness.

Zero (2018)
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Original title:

Zero online

Year: 2018
Country: India
Genres: Romance / Sci-Fi / New Movies
Time:1h 30min
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