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Often, it is difficult to write off famous parents for reaching heights in the same profession, because the indisputable authority of the older generation is interfering. Sanjay Dat or simply Sanju was able to become famous contrary to popular belief. His father was one of the most brilliant actors of his era, but this did not stop his son from approaching the glory of the same level. Permissiveness, which generates financial independence, gave this gentleman a lot of problems.

He struggled with narcotic addictions, and also spent the night in the company of "night moths." A busy biography did not let you relax for a minute. After all, numerous novels with the most attractive individuals can easily be replaced by the reality of prison everyday life. What passions did this non-standard personality crave? And how did he cope with the temptations that make him constantly enter the sinful path? What is it like to be a "Sanju"?

Sanju (2018)
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Sanju online

Year: 2018
Country: India
Genres: Biography / Drama / New Movies
Time:2h 30min
Director:Rajkumar Hirani
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