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Starting watching the thriller "Anonymous 616", the audience gets to know Jenna and Jason, young people who are happy with each other. They receive an invitation from their old friend Eric. He offers them to meet in his new home. At the same time, Eric wants to introduce his friends to Monica, his bride. After this meeting, Jason must return to Iraq, where he is contracted.

Friends meet and plunge into carefree merriment. They tell each other funny and funny stories, drink alcoholic beverages. Everything goes great until the moment when all four decide to explore the depths of the subconscious with a special drug. However, Jason's journey turns out to be dark and confusing. He finds himself in a strange place, and a mysterious stranger invites him to go the way that will help gain true power. Interested in this, Jason plunges into violence and destruction, attacking his friends in the living room. But is it really going to get the forces promised to him?

We want to recommend the film "Anonymous 616" online on the site to view those viewers who prefer gloomy stories and intense thrillers.

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Anonymous 616 (2018)
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Original title:

Anonymous 616 online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Horror / Thriller / New Movies
Time:1h 20min
Director:Mike Boss
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