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Everything that can only happen on Russian roads is accurately and impartially recorded by DVR cameras, which are found in almost every car in the country. Super-objective video vividly conveys Russian national character and color: the constant expectation of a miracle and the anticipation of a life drama. The burning forest here becomes a symbol of "Russian hell", a military tank near a car wash - a guide to the world of absurdity and good humor, and a video made near the Kremlin on the evening of the murder of Boris Nemtsov reminds us that evil is always somewhere nearby. There are many other crazy, funny and tragic moments that await us on the road of life. "Road" is mounted from records of DVRs made throughout Russia and will depict life as an unbiased observer. Life as it is.

Doroga (2016)
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Original title:

Doroga online

Year: 2016
Country: Belarus
Time:1h 7min
Stars: Unknown stars
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