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The life of Monica, the heroine was not very successful. She had been without parents since her early childhood, during the years of orphanhood she was replaced by several foster families, in whom her relations were not very smooth. Her hottest dream was growing up and gaining independence, and also meeting with her own father. She knows that he is alive, but he will not be cared for by his daughter, because he is in prison. But Monica finds out that her dad is free. Does this mean that she can live with him or at least communicate more often?
It turns out, no. The man did not have the opportunity to get used to the role of the father, the girl seems alien and completely superfluous in his life. To reconcile with this, Monica can not. Once again, having quarreled with her guardians, she leaves home and meets a group of children from the sports school. Her new friends are engaged in wrestling, and the heroine seems that this can change her life. A male sport will make her closer to her father! Monica goes to work in a group where she has never had girls before. And with a purposeful and clever girl everything works out! She is making progress, she is soon to enter her first fight ... But will she be able to achieve what she wants, to reunite with her dad?

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First Match (2018)
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Original title:

First Match online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Drama / Sport / New Movies
Time:1h 42min
Director:Olivia Newman
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