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Jane was looking forward to the moment of returning to her parents' home, her own daughter, who had to be identified for a long time in a specialized medical institution. The poor girl happened to experience the strongest, impartial experiences that led to psychoemotional stress, which ended in a nervous breakdown. The fragile psyche of a minor child could not withstand severe trials, there were certain deviations that required skilled intervention by specialists, so she was sent to clinic for patients with mental disorders. On the young sick physicians tried various ways to restore psychological balance, so that it gradually returned to normal life in human society for health without harm and others.
Over time, Amy's condition returned to normal, and the attending physician informed his mother about the upcoming discharge. The delighted parent immediately came for her daughter to take her to the house of her close relatives, where she would be able to communicate with people in ordinary conversation, in an informal atmosphere. The doctor did not recommend such radical measures, fearing the appearance of a relapse with a sharp change in the atmosphere. However, persistently minded mother could not be persuaded, so the former patient went to an old mansion, where the arrival of relatives was expected. Soon it became obvious that bringing a girl here was a reckless act. Some people could not adequately react to the presence of the mentally ill, considering such diseases incurable. When she entered the room, she clearly saw the presence of otherworldly creatures, realizing that she was in a bad place.

The Manor (2018)
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The Manor online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Horror / New Movies
Time:1h 32min
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