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Alice comes to a country mansion, where her brother Ethan lives alone. They had not seen each other for a year. Alice has nowhere to live, she asks Ethan to shelter her. He allows his sister only to spend the night: he has a lot of urgent work, he needs loneliness. But under different pretexts, Alice remains in the brother's house for a longer period. She wanders around the house at night and witnesses strange events. It turns out that the house of Ethan was abandoned by a mother who had very uneasy relations with Alice. Suddenly Ethan Misty's girlfriend comes. Alice treats her hostilely, she believes that Misty is not who she says she is. Mysterious incidents at night continue, the tension that has arisen between young women, is growing. How will this mysterious story end? To whom, as a result, Ethan will listen, to his mistress or to his sister? What is the role of the cricket with blue eyes in everything that happens?

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Welcome the Stranger (2018)
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Original title:

Welcome the Stranger online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Drama / Mystery / New Movies
Time:1h 34min
Director:Justin Kelly
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