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In the animated film, the central character is a goose whose name is Pen. I like different adventures, but it does not always end safely. The hero is always busy with something, though this is not always beneficial to the herd he belongs to. Because of him many times there are many troubles, the consequences of which must be solved by his brothers. Every time you have to come up with a plan to help him get out of this unpleasant situation. And in this fortune he always smiled at the guy, but this can not last forever.

With a hero, there are events that lead to cardinal changes in his life. So, there are circumstances where Pen has damaged the wing and now has no opportunity to fly for a long time. And when the cold season comes, he can not go on the warm terrain with his package. He has no choice but to stay and wait for full recovery. When the flock flew away from the warmer climates, the goose in the morning is close to the two duck holdings. These children were absolutely alone, devoid of love and warmth. The main character has no choice but to become their father and to engage in their education. Can not leave ducks to the mercy of fate. The Pen must make every effort to pursue the mind and do everything so that they do not have problems. Could Pen manage a difficult task, and what else did he prepare his fate for him?

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Duck Duck Goose (2018)
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Duck Duck Goose online

Year: 2018
Country: China, USA
Time:1h 31min
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