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The discovery and discovery of mysteries, which are around a large number of people, have always attracted people. Is it possible to convey in words a series of feelings that encompass the discoverers? It just needs to be felt, experienced, and seen. Such a feeling is experienced by a group of archaeological students who have been able to accomplish their first practical task and make a small discovery. The exploration of the cave, which the human foot never put before, is a very interesting and exciting task. Made by this paper, one of the students is separate from the group and begins to conduct independent research. With his discoveries, he boasts with his comrades, conducting direct radio shows using a portable transmitter. At one point, the show suddenly breaks out and the student disappears from the group's point of view. An alarming curator takes the decision to start a search for a missing student.

Searches are happening under difficult conditions - in a desert area where the search group is located, a sand storm suddenly begins. After losing the correct course, the rescuers were in a hut. Then, through the broken floor, fall into a mysterious labyrinth. The discoveries found in the maze indicate that they belong to a very ancient civilization. Additional trips face a dangerous and unpleasant encounter with huge spiders that are poisoned and very aggressive. What other surprises are prepared for the group? Will they get out of the maze, find and save their companion?

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Guardians of the Tomb (2018)
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7 Guardians of the Tomb online

Year: 2018
Time:1h 30min
Director:Kimble Rendall
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