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The narcissistic heir to the throne thought there was no more beautiful person on the planet. Having a remarkable appearance and excellent manners, he put his talent in the game, he could easily fall in love with any person with the title. Most of the girls wanted to get married in such an enviable groom. However, for girls, communication with the prince ended in disappointment and with a broken heart. He received great pleasure from communication and flirtation without meaning with young innocent girls. Several years of such uncooperative behavior have passed quickly. It's time to think about the wedding.

The royal son can not marry an ordinary man. Even among young aristocrats, he did not find a worthy party. I had to choose between the local princesses, fortunately in the district live three kings who have daughters. During his acquaintance with the princesses, the handsome man remained faithful to the old habits. He used his charm with all the charm, the girls fell and literally melted during conversations with him. When the wedding day came, a strange thing arose. As it turned out later, the adventurer became engaged with three faces at a time. The situation is delicate. After all, only one can become the prince's wife, and the other two do not want to come to terms with their own defeat.

Charming (2018)
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Charming online

Year: 2018
Country: USA, Canada
Time:1h 30min
Director:Ross Venokur
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