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On one of the distant planets, in a secret governmental unit, there is a strict prison regime known as the "House of Death." Here are the most cruel criminals who are sentenced to life imprisonment for their crimes. For several decades, the prison did not see visitors until one day two federal agents appeared on the check. Guests were welcomed with all the honors, as expected. But when the cooks were preparing their dinner for them, there was an excessive load on the grid that caused a shutdown and took out all the electricity in the prison complex.

In a moment, the cells opened and dozens of distracted prisoners were released. The federal agents go to the lower levels of the prison to subordinate the power supply and get the opportunity to escape from this place. Their attempts are constantly suppressed by offending offenders, who, after the incident, considered themselves the true masters of the House of Death. Agents are moving very cautiously to the lower level of the prison, where, to their surprise, they face a great deal of incomprehension. It seems that in the gloomy catacombs of this terrible institution there are cosmic creatures who do not care to taste tasty human meat.

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Death House (2018)
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Death House online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Horror / New Movies
Time:1h 35min
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