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Danny Gallagher is an undercover cop with partner Charlie Horvath. One evening, they met Driscoll's criminal authority, not guessing what they would do for them. As a result, Charlie died, Danny was injured, and the killer jumped on the run. But the worst thing is that Gallagher was sentenced to three years in prison. Confident that he was framed, Danny decides to order things and punish all those behind them. In the investigation, he is assisted by mentor Murt, who has completed his ministry in organs and also the seductive agent of the Rebecca government. Gallagher strives to restore the events of that night girl, but soon she realizes that in the past everything was not what he believed ...

Bent (2018)
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Original title:Bent
Year: 2018
Country: Spain, USA
Genres: Crime / Thriller / New Movies
Time:1h 36min
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