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The Gotti family is undoubtedly the most famous and influential of New York. Relationships between the two generations are very complex. The head of the family and the most authoritative family member is John, who has been engaged in criminal activities for many years and is a powerful mafia clan. He enjoys great authority among the mafia members. Perhaps this authority is well deserved because, for the work it serves, John is ready to sacrifice even his own life. For a long time, Gotti, the old man, was lucky, but once he got back from him and got to jail.

Now, as the leader of the clan, he must be replaced by Gotti, Jr. In honor of his father in his time, he was also called John. John's hopes of old are not justified - his son chooses a completely different way in his life. This is promoted by the education she received from her mother. My mother did not want her son to follow the murder, so he brought him as an honest and respectable person. His father did not even expect to quit so quickly in his affairs or that his son would not continue the work he had given many years of his life. The unexpected return happens in the life of John the Young. Circumstances are such that he has no choice but to become the head of the clan and start sinking into matters he has never been interested in. Will you be able to cope with such a difficult task?

Gotti (2018)
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Gotti online

Year: 2018
Country: USA, Canada
Time:1h 45min
Director:Kevin Connolly
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