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The film is set in 2052 in the German capital. Significant changes have taken place over time, making it very difficult to recognize the former Berlin. Here lives the main character, called Leo Byler. So there were circumstances that man could not speak for some time. He even managed to conform to this injustice, and he usually looks at it. He managed to learn to live quite differently. Despite the fact that the hero is poor, he managed to get a job at a local club, so he earns money to maintain his vitality. It does not need anything and can afford to buy everything it needs. Leo does not care about everything that happens in the outside world. The only thing that a man worries about is daily work and life.

Soon there are events that bring a more radical change to Byler's life. For some time she had a serious romantic relationship with a beautiful and good woman. Recently, he becomes aware of the disappearance of a boyfriend. The hero, without thinking twice, goes looking. He decides to understand the situation on his own and in the shortest possible time to return the missing woman home. After some time, the investigation leads Leo into a very criminal and frightening area, full of many criminals. Bailer can find out about the underground city, where many surgeons meet. What will this meeting be for the hero and will he achieve his goals?

Mute (2018)
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Original title:

Mute online

Year: 2018
Country: UK, Germany
Time:2h 6min
Director:Duncan Jones
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