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The life of Sofia's little girl is among the walls of perfect darkness, where there is no place for sunny views. Heroin lives in the dark region of his own vision, focusing only on touch and external support. But being blind, Sofia has a unique rumor and has an incredible talent to play the piano. It penetrates the wonderful and unique world of music, where there is no place of noise, exhausting melancholy and sadness. Looking at her problem, the young lady hides in echoes of beautiful songs, but soon she will have to cope with the difficulties she was not completely prepared for.

Once, in the neighbor's apartment, the heroine hears strange sounds, obviously of violent origin, resembling the cries of women for help, heavy footsteps and terrible beating on the floor. Fear paralyzed, and horror came into the heart. She realizes that her neighbor is in serious danger, but how to help, if the impenetrable darkness is the only thing her eyes see.

Assuming dangerous surveillance, the girl is conducting a series of events terribly terrible, saturated with the terrible scents of the English capital. An extraordinary situation draws on the innocent witness of the crime and can no longer let her go. But how do you go out and regain the former silence? Calling the head of a stranger's pain and his personal nightmare, he causes the heroine a sense of unrepeatable revenge. The police do not take the truthful words of a blind witness, so he decides to deal with the murderer alone.

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In Darkness (2018)
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Original title:

In Darkness online

Year: 2018
Country: UK, USA
Genres: Thriller / New Movies
Time:1h 50min
Director:Anthony Byrne
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