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The main characters of the movie are several married couples who are associated with a single hobby. From time to time, darkness sometimes happens to play detective stories. The guys think it's an interesting hobby. A couple comes with some offenses, which would be difficult and confusing. The second pair is to solve a difficult problem and to find a man who has broken the law. In such games, the main characters have been involved for a long time, and everything went well and no incidents.

Once, when the pair met for the next game, there was an event that was under threat to their own lives. The fact is that there was a real sacrifice and that was not a game at all. The main characters were shocked and for a long time they could not believe it was true. They are a little bit and come to the conclusion that they themselves will be able to find the killer. The young people start their own investigation.

After some time, they realize that to find the real culprit, it's not as easy as before you were in the meeting play. The number of people killed is rising, which leads to even greater panic among the main characters. A young couple decided to stop the maniac. They make a plan in secret, because they understand that the killer is among them. Lovers know that to achieve their plan will not be easy, but they are not going to just give up. A young couple makes a lot of effort to find a real killer and stays alive. Will they manage to implement their plan?

Game Night (2018)
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Game Night online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Time:1h 40min
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