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The film will tell about the eternal and favorite theme of many directors. The theme of love is the theme that, with great success, will be taken over by directors in all film projects. This film will talk about a great love between men and women who have not lived in their time and brutally overcome any restrictions on society to be simply happy. Percy Shelley's free poet is renowned for his rebellious temper. He has never recognized public stereotypes and now does not intend to do so. Mary Godwin, who has become widely known due to his novel Frankenstein, is also the owner of a rebellious character and she is ready to go against the wishes of society in order to get happiness for him and his girlfriend. Between this couple, there is an unexpected force of feeling that enfolds everything around. A loving couple goes on a journey, more precisely, enters a new reality from their previous lives. Mary escapes from the home of an autocrat father to build her own happiness with the same rebel as she. Shelley, however, abandons her wife and wishes to build a relationship with the writer. They are waiting for the immense challenges of life, but are morally prepared for them. After all, they love each other and without difficulty can destroy this love. It seems, on the contrary, to become more and more powerful by the sudden floods of life tests ...

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Mary Shelley (2017)
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Mary Shelley online

Year: 2017
Country: UK, Luxembourg, USA
Genres: Biography / Drama / Romance
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