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Rich people can never be content with the power and money that they are already going to without much effort. Rich people understand as soon as they need to quickly repair their wallets. Quite a situation different from the poor people who worked so hard to make ends meet and try to get at least some money to buy bread and feed their families. In the Middle Ages, such a difference in class is felt especially when some have died of hunger, while others have eaten meat and drank all the wine. I hope the poor people was simply nobody, and even to defend their money earned honest does not always work.

One day in the small British town appeared in the young forest type, who was called for the outstanding quality of Robbin Hood. This brave young man realized that there was no one to protect poor people and maybe it should be the one who would equalize the balance. So Robbin was able to find out where and how the rich once again won a golden bag of dishonest way, attacked him, and then all the extras distributed to the needy. People loved Robbin Hood, because they always had the opportunity to ask for help and receive it. But how did the hero of the people really do what it brought to fame? What life was like Robbin Hood before he became the main defender of the poor and the worst enemy of the very angry.

Robin Hood (2018)
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Robin Hood online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Time:1h 30min
Director:Otto Bathurst
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