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September 11, 2001, an event took place that divided the life of American society into "before and after". The terrorist action that has led the lives of thousands of people and made many people with disabilities for life has shown the vulnerability of the American system - no one expected an attack by terrorists. The authorities have seen the only way out to overcome the evil in the East - sending soldiers to Iraq and other Islamic confessions. Thousands of young men, respecting order, ready to defend their country and their loved ones by the enemy's aggression, but their efforts are not enough to eliminate the enemy.

Later on, at the CIA's initiative, a detachment was formed, whose activities are carried out under perfect confidentiality. The special team led by an experienced leader is sent to Afghanistan on a mission - to enter the Taliban terror terrain and to ensure conditions for US air strikes. To the surprise of the special group, the local detachment meets the horsemen, and soon they have to change their horses and move in the country in this way. And still have to reject the terrorist attacks, what it has to do for such transport is extremely difficult, the more obvious is the numerical superiority of the enemy.

In addition, Afghan weapons are better and are ruthless to all unbelievers, and natives are not happy with Americans. However, the "Cavalry" detachment, by elaborating a detailed plan, managed to defeat the cunning enemy, occupies the city of Mazar-i-Sharif and captured by the Taliban. But the American guys from the special team do not enjoy much of the victory - the prisoners suddenly raise a revolt.

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12 Strong (2018)
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12 Strong online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Action / Drama / History / War / New Movies
Time:2h 10min
Director:Nicolai Fuglsig
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