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Alice Rainer from childhood studies, the other world. As she felt a difference from other children, then as an adult, she decided to make it his profession, even though he knew how dangerous it was to look in the other world. But the desire to help people was stronger. She studied a lot of material, even learned how to make contact with the spirits, but she is waiting for the most terrible secret.

The young family treats the parapsychologist with his strange problem. I live in a home in Five Keys, New Mexico. As soon as they moved into this huge house, strange things began to happen: their son fell through a hole in the roof, right in the house, there were no injuries, but he entered a coma, none of whom can bring. Alice Rainer will help. the boy's father, Josh, at first did not believe in the later life, but the actions and words of a parapsychologist who showed that his son is in the astral plane convinced him to change his mind. In order to tear the child's soul from the slavery of dark forces, the head of the family will have to look into the depths of his subconscious and take a journey into the distant past when he was a child, then he had to deal with a maniac.

With a solid experience in dealing with different psychic spirits, Rainer understands that she is facing a serious danger - she is in the same house where she has grown up and where she was the first meeting with the representatives of the other world. The girl will have to make superhuman efforts to overcome universal evil and can only rely on herself.

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Insidious: The Last Key (2018)
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Original title:

Insidious: The Last Key online

Year: 2018
Country: Canada, USA
Time:1h 43min
Director:Adam Robitel
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