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A story about the life of a famous person in the circle of criminal activity. His name is Pablo Escobar. He was born and grew up in a poor and ordinary family who had a bad physical condition. Since childhood, the hero has set a goal, whose implementation puts a lot of effort and time. He has done his best not to need money and has succeeded. In a very short time he managed to become the richest person in the world and enter the Forbes list. Now you can buy everything absolutely and it does not need anything. When Pablo was still young, he had to beg. His mother worked as a teacher, and her salaries were catastrophic.

At the moment, Escobar is not afraid of anyone and can buy someone who is in a high position. If someone did not agree to perform the assigned tasks, he received a bullet at the forefront. At this point, when the hero was a successful moment in his life, he met a beautiful and beautiful girl named Virginia Vallejo. He works as a TV presenter and has managed to build an excellent and successful career. In the shortest time between Virginia and Pablo begins a conversation that turns into a violent story. Soon the man decides to enter politics, which is not as much as the officials. After that, a real war begins between politicians and representatives of criminal activity. How will the future of the richest man live?

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Loving Pablo (2017)
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Original title:

Loving Pablo online

Year: 2017
Country: Spain, Bulgaria
Genres: Biography / Crime / Drama
Time:2h 3min
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