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The film tells of the difficult character of the main character. It is known that it is never too late to learn. Learning enriches a person at any age. Therefore, some people begin to learn quite late. What can I say? Better late than never. Learning is light, and ignorance is dark. That's what people say. So it happened to the young man, who is the main character of this film. Throughout her conscious life, she was busy working in her home as a slave. He had to serve food, clean rooms and do other family activities. All her life has yielded to someone, being a housewife. None of her relatives can imagine her moral suppression, they did not allow her to breathe freely and realize her dreams. And now, by chance, she remains alone, her husband throws her away. Where to go and what to do? How to be in this situation is not easy? But the woman did not lose her head and decided ... to study. He goes to the American college to finally get an education and to translate his old dreams into reality. But not everything is in the relationship with his daughter. The daughter of the heroine also receives education in this college and is glad that her mother is starting to study with her. But you can not give her mother's wishes. The main character, at this moment, firmly established among young students, remembered the youth. Now is the soul of a young company.

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Life of the Party (2018)
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Life of the Party online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Comedy / New Movies
Time:1h 45min
Director:Ben Falcone
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