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Mary's murderer belongs to the most dangerous and ruthless criminal group in Boston. She lives in a luxurious apartment and does not leave the house without a pair of loaded guns. During the mission, the mercenary removes the target, but can not force to kill the victim's son, swallowed in video games in the next room. From this day girl, she follows Danny's fate. Orphan lives a street life and is a small killer on commissions with a Russian drug dealer.

One day he finds him, wounded and hungry, in the gate and takes his teenager under his wing. A cold-blooded killer awakens a maternal instinct. She becomes a defender and mentor of a boy with dark skin. However, Mary is not a lone wolf. She has obligations to the "family" of gangsters who took homeless people and learned the art of killing and now requires professional and personal bestiality.

Realizing that she will not be released voluntarily from the nest, she starts looking for a strategy to get out of the game for herself and for Danny to escape from the cruel world forever. Her act violates the fragile armistice between rival clans and triggers a bandit war. Now, Mary is the object of the persecution, and the woman must fight the rebellious mafia, and also keep from her adoptive son the secret of her involvement in the death of her father.

Proud Mary (2018)
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Original title:

Proud Mary online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Time:1h 29min
Director:Babak Najafi
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