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Unexplored lands and paranormal phenomena not only signify a person, like everything that is mysterious, he wants to explore, so people can understand where the danger may come from.
Recently, Lana's girlfriend has just disappeared into such a "X zone." A woman works as a biologist. After examining the material obtained by those members of his team who survived, he realizes that alongside people, something beyond the usual understanding has been established. The girl goes with volunteers looking for her husband. In her team are just women, each with their own interests. Among them are a psychologist, a linguist and a geographer. The territories where Lane's husband is missing now meet. Many unidentified people will be found. The shape of trees reminds people, all over human bones, strange huts, as if they were arranged for life but always empty.

When Lana returns, she will say she saw an incomprehensible light that reacted to her movement. Soon it's possible to find the missing scientist. But he has not regained consciousness for too long. To learn any information from him is impossible. Secret services suspect he can be involved in dangerous crimes against all mankind. The wife denies this hypothesis. In her development I take it. She is followed, she becomes a defeated at work. Who replaces the family? Why was her husband so attracted to this area? There are many mysteries. To prevent a disaster, you must find answers quickly.

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Annihilation (2018)
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Original title:

Annihilation online

Year: 2018
Country: UK, USA
Time:1h 55min
Director:Alex Garland
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