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The movie was based on events that actually happened. The main character is a beautiful girl called Sarah. She had a rather complicated life. The girl offered him a very rich heir, whose name is William Winchester. She decided not to wait a long time with a response and gave a positive response. The young people loved one another and felt strong feelings. After a while, the couple played a beautiful wedding, which left a perfect impression for many guests. Sarah's wife was the son of Oliver Winchester, the only child in a rich family.

William's father made a great breakthrough. He invented a weapon that became very famous and brought a lot of pain to civilians. The main character did not even guess what could happen for her and the end. She thought she would be happy with her beloved husband, but it was not as beautiful as she had expected. Her life was full of misery, terrible mysticism and inexplicable events. The reason for this was the actions of Father William, for the consequences of which it was necessary to respond to the main character and his beloved husband. Oliver has invented a deadly weapon that has greatly changed the situation of wild west life. Due to the invented rifle, a large number of innocent people died.

When the heroine was twenty-seven, she became a widow. Most likely, man was taken away by the souls of people who died of Oliver. Shortly thereafter, Sarah began to build a strange house. He listened to the orders of the souls who could not find peace.

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