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The film focuses on a man named Michael Woolrich. He is a successful businessman. In order to achieve such excellent results, it has made much effort and time. Any difficulties and obstacles in his way are not, he can easily deal with them. The main character has a beautiful and loving wife. He supports man in everything. In addition to all this, the woman gives him wonderful tips that help Michael more than once. Wives have children who are always happy with the accomplishments of their parents.

At Woolrich everything went well and well up to a certain point. Suddenly there are events that lead to cardinal changes in his life. One day, when the businessman was going home, he was stopped by an unknown man. He asked Michael to give him all the interesting information about a person who is the hero's client. Soon the man had to go on a train trip. A man can not understand why this stranger needs this information, but he has no choice but to meet the requirements. After all, if a businessman does not give the documents about the person interested, he can say goodbye to his life.

After a while, Michael realizes that he made a huge mistake, ceding the threats of a stranger. If something happens to the passenger, he will have to answer not only him, but the Woolrichs and his colleagues. The main character decides to change the situation and save his client. Can he face a difficult task?

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The Commuter (2018)
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Original title:

The Commuter online

Year: 2018
Country: UK, France, USA
Time:1h 45min
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