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In the unexplored regions, where the human foot has not set foot, there is a magical land inhabited by the Yeti. These mysterious creatures live in a detached world for centuries and millennia, without thinking of what is outside of their country. Comfortable and comfortable life does not encourage them to travel somewhere and seek adventures on their own. In addition, the presence of agitated neighbors may lead to misunderstanding or enmity, so yeti are happy to live in isolation from the outside world. Peace, peace and understanding - that's why they need them. As long as they have it, such a life suits them perfectly and nothing better can be done. The many friendly communities honor and adhere to the rules and traditions that have existed for centuries.

In the country where Yeti lives, it's very cold, but it does not scare them. They have a well-established system of supplying food supplies, whose conservation is favorable for cold. Innocent, calm and satisfying life has led to the fact that Yeti has developed an all-embracing lady, lost enthusiasm and fantasy. Especially vulnerable to these are new generations who are not aware of any disorders and anxiety. The elders remember the old days, as well as the stories of their grandparents and grandparents, who told them about quite interesting things. Sometimes they tell stories about other lands of their grandchildren. One of the attentive listeners was very interested in the story of the beings who are called humans. He began to dream of going to distant lands where people lived, and when he grew up, I decided to go camping.

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Smallfoot (2018)
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Smallfoot online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Time:1h 30min
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