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The enmity of death between the US Army and Indian tribes lasted several years: the white people were confident of absolute superiority and wanted as soon as possible to expel families in the area they lived for many years for these lands to build their future. The captain of the American army showed a great hatred of the red people and, at any convenient occasion, was ready to deal with someone who appeared in his way. It seems that the cruelest and ruthless man in what the Indians are not found around the world, and if it was necessary to carry out the next task to disperse the tribes, sending only that the captain and his men, knowing that if the task set is sure to be met.

Once it turns out that the leader of one of Redskins' tribes has been mortally wounded and must be evacuated together with family members in a more secure and coincidental location, the captain selected for the work. He will accompany people to passage and will be sure they are safe. So, recent enemies have nothing to do but to reconcile with the situation and to try to become a single team. On the way they meet a young widow, whose entire family was killed and simply had no place to go. The captain decides to take with him and go to the same place where the Indians would have to deliver. Together, we must overcome an extremely difficult path, which for many will be fatal.

Hostiles (2017)
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Original title:

Hostiles online

Year: 2017
Country: USA
Genres: Adventure / Drama / Western
Time:2h 14min
Director:Scott Cooper
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