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Avery Tagger is a famous journalist, her pictures are popular. For her work she receives a prize, but is not going to stop there. It is necessary to "maintain a ton of" professional skills and constantly practice. Having received from her acquaintance valuable information, the girl goes to Colombia, where you can make wonderful pictures. Avery is going on a dangerous journey through the jungle in a group led by a local resident Guillermo and several missionaries. Travelers decide to live in the wilderness, away from people and the benefits of civilization. However, the unexpected meeting changes plans.

The group faces drug traffickers moving a large batch of goods. Supply chains are very difficult to set up and are constantly being destroyed, so it is important to use them as much as possible. Witnesses are able to disclose information to law enforcement agencies, which will entail multimillion-dollar financial losses. It is much more profitable to just deal with all eyewitnesses, so as not to put business in jeopardy. In deaf forests, it is easy to commit murder, and the search for perpetrators and victims will last a very long time. Avery must fight for his life and try to get to a safe place.

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The Road Movie (2016)
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Original title:

The Road Movie online

Year: 2016
Country: Belarus
Genres: Documentary
Time:1h 7min
Stars: Unknown stars
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