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The film Den of Thieves (2018) is set in New York. The focus is also experienced by Nick professional police. For all his life man has built a successful career. He managed to solve many complex crimes, for which no one wanted to commit. Representatives of criminal activities are familiar with the successful law enforcement representative. The protagonist often uses illegal methods to deal with this task. He is ready to punish the perpetrator who has broken the law. Nick runs a small squad, capturing criminals.

The main person has been confronted with a difficult task. For a long time, he was trying to catch a thief who committed many thefts. The crime has managed to successfully implement insidious plans and execute punishment. He had a team that was very cautious in committing a crime, almost leaving no evidence behind him. Gang leader is not afraid of law enforcement. Soon, he learns that Nick is doing his best to put the offender and his team behind bars.
Once a critical killer decides to commit the theft of an important bank, located in the center of New York. Previously, no one could attack and devastate this building. Man thinks he will be the first to execute a bank robbery, in which there is a huge amount of money. He carefully develops a plan whereby his band will succeed in achieving the plan. From this moment war begins between law enforcement and criminals.

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Den of Thieves (2018)
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Den of Thieves online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Time:2h 20min
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