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The strange green creature called Grinch always subjected to the ridicule of people who did not want to take him into their society and eventually was forced to flee to nearby caves hide there and hate all those who do forever by him and called the name is not pleasant words. However, despite all its anger and the character of skvernost, Grinch frankly envied people who so often gathered large companies, have fun, relax together and have a great time. Somewhere deep inside the Green Monster would like to become part of such a company and have fun with them, but at the same time had to enjoy their own loneliness and others to do minor harm. He was very conscious of the fact that such an unbearable character and terrible aspect would not allow him to find friends with whom he could rest and, at least temporarily, become himself.

Once the anger towards Grinch was so far away that he decided to push it all the way to all of humanity at the same time. The monster plan with terrible fur and was insidious that steal Christmas, deprive people of the opportunity to have fun in a friendly family. Everyone on the eve must be prepared for the fact that the Christmas tree will certainly be overthrown, many gifts kidnapped children without a feeling of celebration and feelings of fairy tales, not only in homes, but also around the world.

The Grinch (2018)
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The Grinch online

Year: 2018
Country: China, USA
Time:1h 30min
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