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Three beauties "Angels of Charlie", very dangerous comely person, able to perform the most difficult task of the boss.  These charming persons finished their studies at the police academy, but chose to work for a mysterious but very influential private person who founded his own detective agency in Los Angeles.  Charlie himself never shows his face to his subordinates, communicating with colleagues exclusively through a confidant, an assistant to Bosley, or giving an assignment by telephone.  These are the rules, the girls fully agree with such confidentiality.  Sam Townsend long ago launched a detective case, having offices around the world.  Syschitsy engaged in extremely complex intricate investigations, in which little sense from the cops.  Having gained popularity for impeccable performance of work, the private bureau gained a big name, becoming the most popular organization to which very influential figures from different countries turn.

The girls expect an incredible investigation, as well as a new member of the team.  However, the news about another candidate for the boss's favorite is not very happy for girlfriends who are used to working with the same lineup.  The young ladies suspect that the new beauty will only complicate the work until it gains experience.  But the orders of the chief are not subject to discussion, so the team of an elite unit will have to accept the circumstances.  However, soon the opponents themselves will be very happy that a quick-witted, quick and courageous girl joined them.  During one of the operations, experienced syschitsy will make a small misstep, this will certainly be taken advantage of by a long-standing enemy, the famous villain Ronnie, who captures the entire trio.  From an unenviable stalemate, salvation will come precisely from a new colleague, replacing the captives' disfavor with joy and gratitude from participating in their fate.

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Charlie's Angels (2019)
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Charlie's Angels online

Year: 2019
Country: USA
Time:1h 30min
Director:Elizabeth Banks
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