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China and Japan in the days of the samurai were rivals.  Each of the countries did not want to retreat on the question of land ownership.  Therefore, there were constant wars that prevented civilians from living in peace.  During the Ming Dynasty, the battles were temporarily silenced, but this did not mean that the end of the enmity had come.  The general of the Chinese emperor and his right hand Sow-Han decided that he no longer had a place in the army and deserted under cover of night.  Everyone learned about it and decided that it was impossible to let him go, because he owns important information, it will be especially dangerous if they get to the enemy.  Three best warriors are sent to capture him, and when they reach their goal, a long dialogue is started, so long that the Japanese ruler managed to invade their lands and declare a new war.  Now our heroes have to make a difficult choice, on which the fate of all of China will depend.

Maiden (2018)
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Original title:

Maiden online

Year: 2018
Country: UK
Time:1h 37min
Director:Alex Holmes
Stars: Tracy Edwards
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