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William Wilberforce is a troublemaker politician, known for his charisma, intelligence and zeal.  Unlike most of his colleagues, already at the beginning of his career, he was recognized as a very honest and courageous man.  The fateful meeting with the former slave of Olaudau Equiano prompts Wilberforce to begin the fight against the inhuman practice of the slave trade — an economic force so vital for the establishment that he will face a cruel confrontation with most of the powerful people in the country.

His friend, the future British Prime Minister, William Pitt, is his ideal partner.  Pitt prefers to play by the rules, and Wilberforce bursts through all doors, loudly demanding reforms.  Both of them live in hope for a better future for the country, but change comes slowly.

However, Wilberforce does not give up and with the help of a motley Allied coalition, which includes the former slave trader John Newton, the passionate abolitionist Thomas Clarkson and his energetic wife and political supporter Barbara Spooner, founds a movement that will ultimately change history.

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Amazing Grace (2018)
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Amazing Grace online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Time:1h 27min
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