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Teacher’s vocation often causes teachers to go to remote locations where the standard of living does not even reach the average.  Kabir chose a career as a mentor in a village located on the water.  There are no benefits of civilization, such as electricity and the sewer system, but many secrets have accumulated.  Finding the diary of the former teacher who worked in these parts, Firdaus, the curious gentleman proceeded to study the document in detail.

The advice of a girl who has already gone through the need to overcome a lot of difficulties inherent in this region can successfully solve the problems that arise.  Some observations will help to achieve mutual understanding with wards.  Where did this woman go who could make such a cognitive opus?  What secrets do you need to unravel in order to become “yours” for the local people?

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Notebook (2019)
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Notebook online

Year: 2019
Country: India
Genres: Romance / New Movies
Time:1h 53min
Director:Nitin Kakkar
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