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This fascinating Indian drama will introduce the audience to a young man, whose name is Jude. He could not be called ordinary, because when looking at him there was always an impression: he was clearly not of this world. Of course, for the family members and friends, the strangeness of the guy was not a problem, and they readily accepted him as nature had created. However, for co-workers there were no such subtleties, and they openly mocked the poor fellow. Workers in the firm where Jude worked, constantly laughed at the odd fellow, made jokes, arranged jokes, humiliated.

To the best of his detachment from reality, the young man did not notice all the bullying, and he did not care what others think about him. Not paying attention to all sorts of evil jokes, the hero lived quite well, and did not complain about his fate. But one day, one sunny day, Jude decided to visit the state of Goa, and went on a trip. At first, the trip didn’t look like a fateful event, and the strange guy just enjoyed the surrounding beauty. But then serious changes began to happen to him, and by the end of the road he had turned into a completely different person. Home Jude will return is not so funny, because all his life views will undergo dramatic changes. What happened to him and how will this affect the further plot?

Saint Judy (2018)
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Original title:

Saint Judy online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Biography / Drama / New Movies
Time:1h 46min
Director:Sean Hanish
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