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Being far away from the solar system, a trained space crew is doing its best to fulfill the responsible and secret mission entrusted to their shoulders. Their main goal is a black hole, which is located on the very surface of the Earth. But on board this ship are dangerous prisoners, murderers and other criminals, both men and women. These include Monte, who many years ago voluntarily refused to love, as well as intimate life. And he intended to carry out this communication until the very end. But it was decided by deception to take the seed from the guy in order to fertilize one of the prisoners. A certain circle of people knew that this child would be able to create impossible things and save the whole world. But Monte did not expect that this child will also be able to change his life irrevocably, and he will forever reconsider his interests.

High Life (2018)
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High Life online

Year: 2018
Country: Germany, France, UK, Poland, USA
Time:1h 50min
Director:Claire Denis
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