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Revenge, as dramatic the word is so are its consequences. Triggered by unfortunate incident it makes killing or taking human lives the only logical and rational optional. However the irony is that when someone seeks revenge he/she is so much consumed by rage that one could hardly be rational in his/her thinking. Aman has lost his parents, they are murdered and he is orphaned at the age of 23. From having wrong clues to getting lost in his pursuit he goes through troubled times that exhausts him both physically and emotionally but he never gives up and sticks to his guts. Circumstances and destiny finally leads him to the actual killer. In the very end he has killer in front of him, gun in his hand…and there is a gunshot too. Someone dies and still no one is murdered. Revenge is a situation that will create more graveyards and less paradise. Spilled blood and corpses can never be an answer to a human loss. What Aman does, exemplifies the right way of taking revenge, how?? Watch the film and you will know.

Falsafa (2019)
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Original title:

Falsafa online

Year: 2019
Country: India
Time:2h 15min
Director:Himanshu Yadav
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