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The plot of the exciting movie will acquaint viewers with the confrontation of a huge army and a small tribe of Carpathian residents. The action develops in early 1241, when the world continued to moan because of the raids of the Mongol horde, which, in turn, was rapidly developing and expanding its own territory.
Nomads managed to conquer absolutely all the cities on their way, while stealing a large number of innocent people into their captivity. It was almost impossible to resist them, which is why the Russian princes needed to think about how to save their peoples. Khan's army of Burundi decided to go west in order to again show the strength of their soldiers and recruit new slaves. An unexpected forced stop of the horde in the Carpathians gave the Khan a pretty bad surprise. After nightfall, several brave souls managed to free the captives and dissolve among the mountains.
Understandably, learning about this, Khan was beside himself with anger. In the end, he decides to destroy everything that comes his way. This will be a lesson for anyone who wants to attack him. Soon Burund can find out that the prisoners were released by the Golden Eagles brothers. What awaits them now?

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The Rising Hawk (2019)
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The Rising Hawk online

Year: 2019
Country: Ukraine, USA
Genres: Action / Drama / History / New Movies
Time:1h 50min
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