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A loving couple of young people from the American province decides to decorate their drab days and leave for the weekend in a big, busy and promising New York. They plan to take a walk around the city, visit various places and finally throw out all their emotions, which have been holding back for a long time. Arriving in the city, the guys understand that the weather is starting to deteriorate dramatically, drastically changing their plans.

In New York begins a terrible rain, which was fatal for young heroes. Along with the rain begins a series of amazing adventures that make this evening truly magnificent. They decide to just walk along deserted wet streets and enjoy each other's company. It seems to them that there is no one else in this world except them. They do what they want, kiss, hug, sing and dance in the warm rain and they are not at all concerned about the opinions of others. The guys are just happy at this moment, and what will happen tomorrow, none of them knows. What will change in the life of a couple in love after this magical rainy day in one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world? How will they treat each other the next day? Will their feelings become even stronger after this little one-day trip?

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A Rainy Day in New York (2019)
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Original title:

A Rainy Day in New York online

Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genres: Comedy / New Movies
Time:1h 30min
Director:Woody Allen
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