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The old, kind and exciting story returns to the big screens. Before us we will see a small, cheerful Simba lion cub, who witnessed the terrible death of his father, betrayed by his own brother Scar.

Mufasa fell victim to the envy and malice of his brother, who threw a member of his family off a cliff, on the rushing bison, demolishing everything in their path. This scene has remained in the memory of many, especially Simba. The once beloved uncle appeared a traitor and a murderer, who took over the pride rule. Already an adult Simba, with his friends, to overthrow the Scar and free him from his dictatorship. You can also download the movie torrent.

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The Lion King (2019)
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Original title:

The Lion King online

Year: 2019
Country: USA
Time:1h 30min
Director:Jon Favreau
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