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In the center of the story are two friends who have incredible beauty and beautiful nature charm. It just so happened that they, like no one else, perfectly understand all the delights of female beauty. This terrible force, for many centuries was known as the special weapon of women. Due to their appearance, smart and cunning girls can easily manipulate men, getting everything they want. And the heroines clearly understand this fact using it without a twinge of conscience. They want a good and comfortable life, and for this reason, they work outside the law. Their activities are directed against wealthy men with whom they are acquainted. It is not difficult to charm these kind of girls, and at the moment when they lose their vigilance, girls easily rob them. In this case, they have been around for quite some time, and judging by all the successes, they may consider themselves to be true professionals in their field. Once, at the next of the cases, they will have a big surprise in the form of a treasure trove in the house of a rich man. There they discovered a large number of millions of dollars worth of diamonds. Naturally, they stole them, but this was a big mistake. After all, that person was not only rich, but also very influential, which would bring girls many problems.

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Body of Sin (2018)
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Body of Sin online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Time:1h 24min
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