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A seventeen-year-old girl named Kana, along with her friends, enjoys music and opens up to the fullest. Four friends like their company very much and they are just crazy about parties and various parties. But one day their life changes. After warrior Horuko and her robot fall down on them from the sky, they learn that she needs friends in order to defeat the dastardly Atomsk who wants to destroy the entire planet with the help of their insidious plans. Of course, they agree to help her and get into a fascinating adventure, where they have to fight the Atomsk army and try to thwart his plans. But problems await them at every turn and they have to fight on any piece of the Universe, which naturally reflects on the experience and fighting ability of girls who want to save the Universe. But how it all ends and what happens to them in the future, you can watch for yourself and enjoy the movie. Lovers of anime, he must enjoy it, because it involved a favorite of the public professionals.

FLCL Alternative (2018)
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Original title:

Furikuri 3 online

Year: 2018
Country: Japan
Time:1h 30min
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